Tariffs 2020

Although our tariffs are in CZK, it is also possible to pay in euros.
At the moment € 1, – equals about 25 CZK.

Hotel (Tariffs for one person per night including breakfast)

Single bedroom with sanitary facilities in the hallway  Kc. 700
Double bedroom with bathroom ensuite  Kc. 700
Family room I, 2 rooms for 4-5 people with bathroom ensuite  Kc. 600
Family room II, 3 rooms for 4-5 people with bathroom ensuite  Kc. 700
Children up to 12 years old 25% discount
Extra charge for one night stay  Kc. 200
Heating charge from 1/11 to 31/3  Kc. 60
Dinner, including drinks  Kc. 350
Bicycle rental per day  Kc. 150

Camping (reservations required)

One night stay per person  Kc. 175
Electricity on site a day  Kc. 60
Dog fee overnight  Kc. 40
Use of washing-machine or dryer  Kc. 80
Bicycle rental per day  Kc. 150

Lessons and riding trips

Riding trip with escort per hour  Kc. 300
Day trip including picnic (minimum of 4 riders)  Kc. 1500
One hour lesson (minimum of 4 riders)  Kc. 300
30 minutes private lesson  Kc. 500
Rent for a riding cap per hour  Kc. 50

Beginners riding course

1,5 hours a day for 4 days in high season. Reservations can be made in combination with your stay in the mill
or on the camping
 Kc. 1800